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over 7 years ago

Agenda for GigHacks

Welcome to everyone participating in the first national GigHacks event! We are excited that Charlotte is one of the five cities participating. Here's the agenda:

Friday May 1 - starts at 5 pm and goes to about 8 pm. We will have an introduction of the event and go over logisitcs and how things are set up. We have a speaker from the City of Charlotte who will tell us about how the city responded to Google Fiber, and how the city supports a Gigabit infrastructure. The rest of the evening will be allowing participants to introduce themselves and the project thet want to work on. Anyone without a pre-existing idea can join one of the teams with an idea.

Saturday May 2 - We'll be open from 9 am to 7 pm. We are arranging a few video streaming events that day from the other cities, and it may include demos of Shinra online gaming, webRTC, and or the NVIDIA GRID SDK. This is a working day when the teams can come and go as your schedules allow.

Sunday May 3 - noon to 5:00 pm. Teams have until 2 pm to wrap up their projects. At 2 pm we plan to have each team describe the results of their work. We have 4 judges who will evaluate the applications and pick the "Best of Charlotte'. At 4:00 the five cities will have a video conference where the best applications from each city are presented. We hope to have local members of the Charlotte press in attendance. This will be terrific exposure for you and your idea on leveraging Gigabit Internet speed!

Location: DC74 Data Centers. 3101 International Airport Drive, Charlotte 28208. The building faces Byrum, and is near the intersection with Yorkmont.

Contact: Alan Fitzpatrick 704.293.7864 mobile

What you need to bring: A laptop. We'll have Gigabit wi-fi and a Gigabit Switch with Ethernet cables for everyone. Make sure your laptop supports either one of these connections! If you plan to use a USB to Ethernet adapter make sure it is Gigabit speed (many are 100Mb). We will provide snacks and drinks all weekend, but if you have specific needs you will need to bring your own, or go out.

Google Fiber, AT&T GigaPower, and TWC Maxx are coming to Charlotte. This weekend is a great opportuntiy to play with Gigabit Internet speed a little early. We look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Here is the original press release on the event if you want to learn more:

See you Friday night at 5!