Charlotte is teaming up with Kansas City, San Francisco, Chattanooga, and Burlington for a multi-city Gigabit Internet experience May 1-3. This is a terrific opportunity to experience Gigabit Internet speed firsthand. Registration to the event is free  and participants can come in and out during the weekend.

While we’re waiting for Google Fiber and AT&T to bring their residential Gigabit Internet services to Charlotte, our sponsor DC74 Data Centers is offering the ability for everyone to experience the speed a little early. The event is still open to participants, so please sign up and join us!

What is GigHacks?

GigHacks was created to help kick off the Gigabit age and expand the Gigabit app ecosystem. Participants are encouraged to work on projects that will embrace the significant benefits of Gigabit networking, like high-level responsiveness, real-world quality resolution, symmetrical upload and download, and always-on connectivity. These applications will help create jobs, improve lives and allow us to do more; saving time, money, energy, and ultimately helping us find more human ways to connect.

It works a bit like a startup weekend. On Friday night participants will describe their application that leverages a full Gigabit Internet connection. If you don't have an idea come out anyway. You can join one of the other teams on their project Sat/Sun. We also have a speaker Friday night from the City of Charlotte who will talk about the process used in attracting Google Fiber, and the support the city has for a Gigabit Internet infrastructure.

Thank you to DC74 Data Centers for providing the space, power, snacks, and the synchronous Gigabit Internet connection for the weekend!

Judging: We have 4 judges who will review the projects on Sunday afternoon: Daniel Friel with Incovate, Twyla McDermott with City of Charlotte, Pete Murphy with Cardinal Innovations, and Marianne Cotter with Broadband Communications Magazine.

The best group from NC will be on the video call with the other cities around 5:30 pm. It's a great opportunity for national exposure for your project/company! Judging criteria:

  • Impact - How will this application benefit people and society?
  • Innovation - How strong is the intellectual merit of the idea? How innovative is the use of next-gen technologies?
  • Story - How compelling is the story for users?

Example apps: One of the participants plans to work with very large data files (cancer genomes) to perform analysis. The Gigabit connection allows the data transfer to happen so much faster. Another participant is going to be working with uploading large video files. Some other applications that would be easy to do for the weekend are uploading 200 photos at once, downloading an HD movie in just a few minutes, and online gaming to test the bandwidth. Software developers that want to try their app on a Gigabit connection are welcome to do so - virtual reality apps, gaming apps, video apps, webRTC, etc.
Other Ideas:

  • An idea for an education oriented project could be a real time multi-person video class. Once students have access to a Gigabit at their home it becomes possible to have two-way, many-to-many video classes where all the students are live with their remote instructor.
  • Playing music with people from other cities via MusicianLink. Set up a MusicianLink jamlink box and a few musical instruments to experience jamming with someone far away.

GigHacks Details:

Clt Location:             DC74 Data Centers - 3101 International Airport Drive (faces Byrum)

Friday May 1:            5 pm – 8 pm (Speaker from the city begins at 5:30 pm)

Saturday May 2:      9 am – 7 pm

Sunday May 3:         noon – 5 pm

                              Judging begins at 2 pm

                              National video conference begins at 4:00 pm

GigHacks is a national event supported by organizations including Mozilla, US Ignite, and Orange Silicon Valley. DC74 is the local sponsor, and supporting organizations include Charlotte Hearts Gigabit and BIG Council.

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GigHacks is open to everyone, and you do not need to be present the entire weekend.

Developers, designers, dreamers & doers who want to advance their applications with gigabit networks

We will be contacting all the participants in advance so they can team up and start working prior to the event. We will also update the list of resources that will be available on the D-Day!


The organizer reserves the right to limit attendance and/or deny access to its facilities at its discretion.


Create or use an application that leverages the features of gigabit networks

Features of gigabit:

  • Abundant bandwidth
  • Low-latency
  • Symmetry (upload/Download)
  • High quality of service


Hackathon Sponsors


Will be Announced

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Click “Register” to access the submission form and start your draft early.
  2. Work on an app that meets the requirements above.
  3. Provide a way for the judges to see your app.
  4. Submit!


Pete Murphy

Pete Murphy
CIO - Cardinal Innovations

Daniel Friel

Daniel Friel
Managing Partner - Incovate

Marianne Cotter

Marianne Cotter
Online News Editor at Broadband Communities magazine

Twyla McDermott

Twyla McDermott
City of Charlotte

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    How will this application benefit people and society?
  • Innovation
    How strong is the intellectual merit of the idea? How innovative is the use of next-gen technologies?
  • Story
    How compelling is the story for users?

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